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Interlan GmbH

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61191 Rosbach

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Founding Year: 2006

USB sticks with company logo as innovative advertising media

The company Interlan GmbH has specialized in the distribution of USB promotional items. We offer USB sticks with logo, USB sticks with printing and USB sticks with engraving. The selection of USB sticks as promotional items is very large and these popular promotional items are offered in many different colors.  We recognized the versatility of USB sticks as promotional items at an early stage and have been offering a wide range since 2006. Especially for trade fairs, promotions, incentives or as customer gifts, USB sticks have become indispensable. Interlan also offers wooden USB sticks or metal USB sticks as a more environmentally friendly alternative to plastic.

Interlan GmbH now also has USB cards with printing as a new product in its range and offers the versatile cards in excellent print quality and at attractive prices. Printed USB cards are excellent advertising media for conveying messages. The special highlight of a printed USB card is its large advertising space. Both sides can be individually printed with the company logo or any other attractive elements without margins. At the same time the advertising material is a useful product. Thanks to its handy format, a printed USB card can be easily stored and is always at hand. 

The promotional items USB card and USB stick are rewarding products that can be easily updated with new content. Typical memory contents are product catalogs, advertising brochures, pictures, videos, flyers as well as company and product presentations. The memory capacity from 2 to 128 GB is suitable for manuals, catalogs, user instructions, downloads, support information or other attractive content. In this way, a lot of attention can be attracted and thus completely new customer groups can be won. 

Before Interlan GmbH includes a product in its range, it is thoroughly tested by the team. The company's USB business cards have excellent properties and last for many years. They help to spread important company messages and offer the recipient a clear added value. Customers have several customization and finishing options at their disposal. For example, Interlan GmbH offers the possibility to upload personal data directly to the USB media or to personalize them with individual names and numbers. Interlan GmbH offers good service and extremely short delivery times. A product overview can be found at