9924 Universal Blvd Suite 224-320, Orlando, FL 32819, United States

Phone: +1 636-645-9992

E-Mail: marketing@onpassive.com
Internet: www.onpassive.com/

Founding Year: 2015
Number of Employees: 151-200

ONPASSIVE is an evolving business solution to automate and align any business, right from the prospecting to the selling and the recruiting. The organization also provides an automated marketing platform driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) that recognizes requirements and takes actions independently.

ONPASSIVE Review – What Is It?
The ONPASSIVE opportunity is an MLM business where you have to refer to other members and develop a team to earn commissions. The company is in the advertising field, where they support you in generating traffic from within the website itself from other members of the program. The business is still in a pre-launch state, so some of the information may change after the launch; if that happens, we will update it in the future.

Company Overview:
Like we have already mentioned earlier, ONPASSIVE is still in its pre-launch stage. Currently, the program is hosted under the "GoFounders.net" website as the program of selection. The domain "onpassive.com" has created a listing, and I am going to cover the GoFounders website and the business information as it appears they are behind the ONPASSIVE launch.

● The domain name "gofounders.net" and "onpassive.com" were registered privately.
● These two websites were registered back in 2018.

As the domain name was already registered confidentially, there was no further information in the domain name search. While doing additional research, we found the name Ash Mufareh as the CEO and Founder of this organization. Mr. Mufareh's Facebook states that he is the CEO of GFI Fusion, a group of marketers for the GDI opportunity, and has been around forever, presenting an MLM opportunity in the hosting and domain name niche. Recently, Ash has been associated with businesses like PayDiamond, and TelexFree, including the passive type of income sources.

TelexFree was closed in the year 2014 by the SEC and got accused, which changed into a huge mess. PayDiamond was closed down in the middle of 2018, and that is when Ash began putting together ONPASSIVE. That is all the data that we procured on the business information, so let's move on to the next segment. Products Offered By ONPASSIVE In this segment of the ONPASSIVE REVIEW, we will cover every detail on the products that ONPASSIVE presents. While looking at multiple documentation and marketing videos published, it is not going to offer any retail products or services. You will only acquire the "ad credits" that they will provide as you become an affiliate member. The ad credits can then be utilized to promote your websites within the back-office and to other members of the opportunity. We have also seen that they offer online training as well, but since it is in its pre-launch state, there is minimal information listed. That is all the products that ONPASSIVE offers. Now, let's move on to the next part.