5 Star Plus Retail Design

5 Star Plus Retail Design

Dong Da Qiao Road

Phone: +86-10-56244890

E-Mail: office@5starplusdesign.com
Internet: www.5starplusdesign.com/

Founding Year: 2012
Number of Employees: 1-10

5 Star Plus Retail Design is an international design and marketing company. Design services include the branded design of retail stores, restaurants and pop-up stores, exhibition and event design, visual identity, consulting and project management services. Our China market entry services comprise of the following:  (1) Registration, administration and representation services for exhibitions and trade shows, which can also include the design and construction of a branded exhibition stand. (2) Digital marketing services which includes the management of corporate social accounts, content creation, community management and influencer marketing. Additional content creation from video marketing to virtual exhibition stands and showrooms to create a high-impact, interactive promotion of your company. (3) Adaptation of logos and marketing materials to the Chinese market. As well as, creation of visual identity and marketing collaterals as required. Our expertise and strategic models enable us to create effective marketing content based on your specific goals: brand positioning, entertain, inform, build a community and increase sales.