Pioneer Trading Company GmbH

Pioneer Trading Company GmbH

Am Sohlweg 26
76297 Stutensee

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Creating innovations and making the impossible possible for our customers is what makes us who we are. This requires not only good ideas, but an absolute will to succeed, and also, above all, a love of technology and an in-depth knowledge of the brands and brand presentation.

Since PIONEER TRADING COMPANY arrived in Europe, the company has been headed by lateral thinker and man of action, Marco Israel. He is the person who looks for uncompromising added value in all the products. He and his team combine specialist expertise in floor and wall coverings as well as lifestyle and high-tech products. The perfect symbiosis for always staying one step ahead. After all, if you want to make history, you have to live and breathe innovation.

News by Pioneer Trading Company GmbH

Thumbnail-Photo: One, two, go: get a new shop window!
27.02.2019   #sales promotion #shop decoration

One, two, go: get a new shop window!

Magnetic films make it possible

Redecorating an entire shop window in 30 seconds? Yes, that's possible! At the Panorama in Berlin we saw exactly that at the booth of the Pioneer Trading Company. The principle is simple: magnetic films with all kinds of motifs can be ...