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Thumbnail-Photo: Pendant Luminaire SILVER SURFER
15.05.2009   #led lighting #decorative lighting

Pendant Luminaire SILVER SURFER

Design: neunzig°design

Silver surfer concentrates the whitealuminium powder-coated (RAL 9006) luminaire into an equally elegant and functional area, which serves both as circuit board as well as carrier plate. The usage of state-of-the-art power LED technology almost ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Recessed luminaire SPACE
03.06.2008   #decorative lighting #lights

Recessed luminaire SPACE

Design: Hasan Ertürk

This luminaire’s special flavour comes from its use of two lamps with different light colours. SPACE combines a metal vapour halogen lamp that sits at the centre of a highly reflective anodized aluminium reflector with an energy-efficient and ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Pendant luminaire FLOHRA PE
03.06.2008   #decorative lighting #lights

Pendant luminaire FLOHRA PE

Design: Prof. Gerd Flohr

Displaying an autonomous and functional use of forms FLOHRA PE stands out by its reduction to the essentials. Spacial aluminium elements join in a perfect sybiosis with the crystal glass shade. The semi-transparent shade with its dicroitic coating ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Pendant luminaire JET-FLAT
03.06.2008   #decorative lighting #lights

Pendant luminaire JET-FLAT

Design: brodbeckdesign

On the occasion of this years’s LIGHT+BUILDING 2008 the Mering based LUDWIG LEUCHTEN KG presented a technical revolution with the brand new pendent luminaire JET-FLAT PE-ID DLH: This luminaire’s shallow visible height of mere 16,5 mm could only ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Pendant luminaire TAKESIX
03.06.2008   #led lighting #decorative lighting

Pendant luminaire TAKESIX

Design: Alexander Ludwig, Christian Schwankhart

TAKESIX owes its clear and simplified forms to the state-of-the-art LED technology deployed in the luminaire. The luminaire’s housing is made of extruded aluminium disks that are powder coated in anthracite (micaceous iron ore DB 703). The ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Pendant luminaire SC 1
03.06.2008   #decorative lighting #lights

Pendant luminaire SC 1

Design: Alexander Ludwig, Christian Schwankhart

With its straightforward use of form the SC 1 luminaire is both a discreet light innovation yet one that cannot be overseen. The luminaire’s housing and the ceiling canopy are made of extruded aluminium sections that are powder coated in ...

Thumbnail-Photo: X-FLAT PE an extremely flat pendant luminaire...
03.06.2008   #decorative lighting #lights

X-FLAT PE an extremely flat pendant luminaire

Inhouse design: Alexander Ludwig, Andreas Ringler

With a construction height of only 21 mm X-FLAT PE is an extremely flat pendant luminaire for T-16 fluorescent tubes. This exceptional layout could only be achieved by using a new type of electronic ballast specially developed and built for ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Circular Luminaire 421-388 FC10
21.08.2007   #decorative lighting #lights

Circular Luminaire 421-388 FC10

Design: Bartenbach Lichtlabor, Aldrans, Austria

The technical requirements for fitting out a modern building are constantly subjected to change in accordance with the latest state of technology. Ceiling areas are therefore also increasingly used for the installation of various supply systems. As ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Luminous row SL 1
21.08.2007   #lighting systems #decorative lighting

Luminous row SL 1

Design: Alexander Ludwig / Wolfgang Sojer

The luminous row is available up to a maximum length of 6 metres. The slim and elegant aluminium profile luminaire SL 1 has a technically inspired appearance not only as a result of the miniature louvre in highly reflective MIRO aluminium material ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Light stele TROFEO
21.08.2007   #lighting concepts #led technology

Light stele TROFEO

The designers of the light stele TROFEO (with 6 LEDs 6W and 50W/12V IRC) successfully managed to combine an individual reading lamp with a floor illumination inspired by safety regulations in such a clever way that the calm atmosphere required, for ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Lighting system 901 PE SOF OS-SP and 901 SOF OS SP...
03.03.2005   #lights

Lighting system 901 PE SOF OS-SP and 901 SOF OS SP

A perfect technical lighting system concealed behind the diffuser plate of the luminaire: the mirror in highly reflective MIRO aluminium material in conjunction with the slim T5-lamps provides a targeted beam. In compliance with the user’s ...