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E-Mail: info@e-shelf-labels.de
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e-shelf-labels is value added distributor, system integrator, service provider and consultant for all matters relating to electronic displays and digital signage.

We offer our customers a great variety of electronic price tags for individual use and various solutions. Starting from simple, segmented LCD price tags in the low frequency range to multi-color high frequency e-ink labels in sizes up to 161.6 x 97.0 mm - or even complete value-added solutions like out of management, click & collect, pick by light, instore navigation or mobile payment at the shelf. We offer customized electronic labelling solutions for retail, logistics or industry.

Our full package includes coordinated hardware and software solutions as well as the complete range of solutions for your digital labelling and signage process.

Our service-oriented team will professionally and quickly implement your project around different labelling topics. With more than 15 years of experience in the field of auto-ID, as well as know-how on interfaces, network technology and various labelling technologies such as barcode, chip or RFID as reference, e-shelf-labels is your consultant and partner to offer holistic solutions for electronic signage.