Oxidian GmbH


Oxidian GmbH

Holzwiesstrasse 50
8645 Jona

Phone: +41 78 637 76 26

Internet: oxidian.ch/erp/

Number of Employees: 11-50

Oxidian has a total of 250 years of combined work experience in all web, app and mobile development and online marketing. Our focus is on the development of websites and webshops with focus on conversions.

We serve customers worldwide, especially in Europe (DACH region) and the USA. Our successes have made us especially popular with European and US startups, which often outsource their entire development. However, this does not mean that we are just an outsourcing company – we are also known as specialists in the research and implementation of numerous innovative solutions. We regularly receive orders for upgrades of WordPress plugins and Magento modules, which even the original authors don’t know how to implement.

Since our foundation, we have worked successfully on over 500 projects at various complexity levels and completed them with great speed and Swiss precision.

Our motto “Nothing is impossible” means that we regard every assignment as a challenge and never as a problem.

We work passionately, devoting much of our free time to researching new technologies and developing application prototypes that will make future websites, that we build, even more qualitative.