DFD Direktwerbung Fullservice Dialog GmbH


DFD Direktwerbung Fullservice Dialog GmbH

Otto-Hahn-Str. 1-7
63225 Langen

Phone: +49 6103-98700

E-Mail: kontakt@dfd.de
Internet: www.dfd.de

Transparent and efficient for your sales promotion

In markets that are evolving faster and faster, sales promotion plays an increasingly decisive role in supporting sales and trade. Just like with a product, it is about recognizing the demand, delivering just in time, monitoring the quality and reacting to complaints immediately. These are all activities that are often hard to master inhouse, with regards to efficiency and the needed quality. For over 20 years DFD has been successfully supporting businesses with all activities related to sales promotion by means of logistics, POS, and CRM services. Beginning with the storage and distribution of advertising materials or POS equipment, and its maintenance, to having a dialogue with stores and customers, we ensure high efficiency and transparency for our clients.