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fouroutes. Outperformance for your business.

fouroutes is a registered trademark of ratiotec GmbH & Co.KG. The company develops individual solutions for indoor positioning and indoor navigation as well as for tracking of humans and assets based on BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology. fouroutes provides a full service concept for various business sectors and cases. Full service implies that both hardware – 3 different types of beacons to meet all requirements – and software - Installation App for the beacons, Web Server/ Web Interface, Customer App with SDK – are provided by the fouroutes engineers and software developers.

Popular cases for the implementation can be found especially in the sectors of retail, gastronomy and hotels, trade fairs and museums, office/ logistics and industry, as well as in hospitality and similar environments. In this context, various business areas will be covered: marketing and sales activities via direct interaction with the customer (e.g. couponing, product information), analysis of visitor flows, paths and dwell times, in order to optimize business processes will be possible, as well as monitoring of employees’ (industrial plants) and assets’ safety.

Currently fouroutes is involved in various pilot projects within the above mentioned business sectors.