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About us
Since 2010 KIRRON light components GmbH and Co KG has been concerning with the distribution and development of digital LEDs and the associated controls, applications and lighting systems. In particular DycoLED, the first digital LED to market, has inspired many persons to create new LED applications and created a new market.

Products and services
Our digital LEDs, also called functional LEDs and in China called IC LEDs, are the first in the market worldwide. Own patents testify to our and our partner UBLeds innovative strength. Due to our production in our own plant in Taiwan, we keep the quality consistently high - which is why numerous German mechanical engineering companies and European global players rely on DycoLED. Long-term availability provides the best performance for your product, even today the first DycoLED is available ex factory. The binning has remained the same since 2009, all DycoLEDs are "white light balanced". In addition, there is a patented encapsulation for smooth color mixing in the LED. High-quality materials enable a long-lasting product. Conservative data on brightness and color fidelity do not disappoint anyone who counts on the "brightest digital LED".
DycoLED strips and panels are manufactured in-house and have been available since the start of sales. Quality Made in Taiwan coupled with German Engineering leaves no customers wishes unfulfilled.

Simple SD-Card controllers at a great price/performance ratio and clever controls made and developed in Germany testify to market knowledge. Web-based controllers and HDMI controllers that control large quantities of DycoLEDs via an HDMI interface are part of our market offensive to offer the best price/pixel ratio in the market.
Under the name of "DiPiAD" - digital pixel advertising - KIRRON light components distributs systems that emphasize the background lighting of prints (light box or city light poster) for much more clearly and dynamically advertising messages. For booths on fairs these systems are also available on a rental basis. For companies that are inexperienced in creating digital content for DiPiAD systems, we offer a programming support. Based on your print template, we will create the right content.
Our highly doped lighting system STRAPLED Advanced (red dot award 2015, GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2016, DESIGN PLUS AWARD 2016) is proof of our innovative power in lighting applications. Consistent further development into a selectively illuminated LED system "STRAPLED Section Control" will continue the success of this system.