NewTec Design: Audio GmbH


NewTec Design: Audio GmbH

Negrellistrasse 13C
39100 Bozen

Phone: +39 0471 058065
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The ultimate sound company for your store

NewTec Design: Audio is an Italian loudspeaker manufacturer providing the highest sound quality in retail environments.

The latest generation of sound experience:  a symbiosis between design and technology
We offer ground-breaking solutions in the areas of architectural sound. In addition to the high-quality music reproduction and the loudspeaker design, the special 360° sound dispersion leads to an increase of purchases - studies have confirmed this effect! The latest and innovative NewTec WiFi technology provides a new level of flexibility.

Its sound creates a unique feel-good atmosphere and leads to a longer well time in your store.

All NewTec components, products and systems are made in Europe