pleksus POLAND


pleksus POLAND

Zaścianki, ul. Wojskiego 18
15 - 521 Białystok

Phone: +48 85 740 68 80
Fax: +48 85 740 68 82


PLEKSUS company is a designer and manufacturer of POS products, counter displays, floor stands and illuminated signs. For production purposes we use mainly plastics, such as: acrylic, polystyrene and PCV, and, if a project requires, combine them with metal or wood.

The wide and modern plant equipment enable us to meet the high expectations of our clients. We mostly provide cutting, engraving, vacuum forming, screen-printing, high-quality printing directly on plastic sheets, diamond polishing, thermo bending, die-cutting, milling and many more. Our machines include: lasers - Eurolaser and Universal, used for cutting and engraving, a vacuum forming machine, the Renegade screen-printing machine, Solvent Printer, Diaplan diamond polishing machine, thermo bending tables, die-cutting machine, aluminum welders and other devices needed for an accurate production.

Moreover, by using EU funds, we still invest in new technologies, concerning not only the product itself, but also the type of packaging used, which plays a crucial role in transportation such fragile and valued goods. Additionally, the high quality of our products is legitimized by ISO 9001.

Our asset is also a well-appointed graphic studio, equipped in 3Dmax programming, where graphic designers create 3D visualizations for prepared concepts. The engineering department takes the concept from mind to reality while considering function, appearance and price, when the prototype lab will bring idea to life and modify the methods of prospective production to best serve each project.

Products we offer can help to carry your message across with a quality that is extending and persuasive. In this