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Melissa Data GmbH

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Founding Year: 1985

Since 1985, Melissa has been a leading provider of data quality, address management and identity verification solutions. Melissa’s data quality software, cloud services and data integration components verify, standardize, consolidate, enhance and update global contact information. The goal is to ensure improved communication and a return on investment (ROI). Meanwhile, more than 10,000 companies trust Melissa’s products to get an accurate and reliable view of sensitive information.

Our data quality solutions are a collection of multi-platform APIs and web services for the verification of address data, which can be integrated on-premise or via an interface. These are used to control, clean and standardize international address data, e.g. postal address, telephone number and email address. Furthermore, addresses can be enriched with latitude and longitude coordinates.

Melissa's international identity verification supports companies worldwide in risk management and fraud prevention by verifying the identities of domestic and foreign customers. Therefore, the customer's personal data will be compared with ID data in some countries. In addition, it is also possible to compare people against sanction lists and other national as well as international databases that contain economic and commercial sanctions.

Melissa continues to develop new solutions that go beyond data quality. Our aim is to strengthen data-driven organizations with precise and affordable solutions - for a constantly growing international customer network.