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blocher partners
Freie Architekten und Innenarchitekten BDA

Herdweg 19
70174 Stuttgart

Phone: +49 711-224820
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Founding Year: 1989

We understand brands, are familiar with international markets, and set new trends. With our extensive know-how we develop viable shop concepts and roll them out worldwide. We focus on carving out a brand DNA that is strong in character. We integrate the brand’s roots and build on those origins strategically, or give it a complete makeover – on a wholly individual basis.

We are visionary in the way we think, resulting in brand evolution that embraces all communication channels. Because for us, design means networking and creating holistic experience concepts. We deliver rooms for individual encounters and complex experiences, we stage a narration – story telling that invites customers on a journey and passes on the spirit of the brand.

Our store concepts are unique, yet they can still be duplicated internationally and realized in different locations. Flexible systems that are modular in design make this possible. We also take cultural and geographical factors into consideration. These result in highly individual store design but at the same time an equally high brand recognition level. We think in holistic terms, link inside and outside, and implement a formal idiom that transports the brand’s message in a complex, emotional manner. We give brands a tangible form, space in which to develop, and make what is abstract perceptible.

Expertise acquired down through the years enables us to combine the very best of all worlds. We work strategically, cater exactly to our clients’ wishes, and are always abreast of the latest trends. This way we give brands a face, and create stories that captivate visitors in all cultures and which they perceive with all their senses.