VKF Renzel GmbH


VKF Renzel GmbH

Im Geer 15
46419 Isselburg

Phone: 02874 / 910-0
Fax: 02874 / 910-101

E-Mail: info@vkf-renzel.de
Internet: www.vkf-renzel.de

VKF Renzel GmbH has more than 30 years of experience and competence in the entire spectrum of sales promotion.

The product range includes advertising displays, promotional items, digital signage, pricing and shop equipment.

As an international group, VKF Renzel deals with new market requirements on a daily basis and offers solutions that are innovative and creative.

At the same time, VKF Renzel guarantees a high quality standard and thus becomes a competent problem solver for all customers from industry and commerce.