Leipziger Leuchten


Leipziger Leuchten

Heiterblickstr. 37
04347 Leipzig

Phone: 034124561323
Fax: 034124561399

E-Mail: info@leipziger-leuchten.com
Internet: www.leipziger-leuchten.com/

Founding Year: 1993
Number of Employees: 51-100

LEIPZIGER LEUCHTEN produces light concepts for urban and rural areas. In addition to decorative and industrial outdoor luminaires, the company also manufactures urban furniture to complement its lighting range. Thereby a variety of functional product families have been developed in the same type of design as the light fittings.

This concept of engineering and design started in 1889 when the first street luminaires were produced in Leipzig. Diligence, flexibility, service, engineering progress, skills, motivated staff, teamwork, are some of the prominent features which have played a major role in shaping LEIPZIGER LEUCHTEN and are now its integral part. We are especially proud to offer lighting solutions for almost all requirements ranging from architects to engineers. The delivery of high quality products is ensured by the use of advanced equipment, engineers and designers in co-operation with our sales force who are in touch with the costumers. LEIPZIGER LEUCHTEN today is continuity, performance and progress. In order to always be the leader in the latest technology and design, LEIPZIGER LEUCHTEN in recent years has increasingly worked on the development and production of decorative and industrial luminaires with different LED technologies and light management systems, which have resulted in their sales skyrocketing. Today, more than 60% of the daily productions are LED luminaires. As of now, LEIPZIGER LEUCHTEN is one of the leading LED lighting manufacturers in Germany.

Strengths of LEIPZIGER LEUCHTEN at a glance:

  • wide range of decorative and industrial outdoor luminaires and columns from classic to modern
  • various LED luminaires with easily exchangeable modules of well-known German and European manufacturers
  • a single luminaire design is available with different LED technologies and modules for efficient application in the required lighting class
  • all decorative outdoor luminaires and urban furniture products can be produced in any RAL or DB colour without extra cost
  • short delivery time
  • wireless, intelligent light management system CLEVER LIGHT for decorative and industrial outdoor luminaires
  • modifications of standard products and custom-made solutions
  • design proposals for advertising columns and billboards
  • lighting calculations for various projects
  • advisory services about efficient lighting solutions