GOD Barcode Marketing mbH


GOD Barcode Marketing mbH

Neurott 18
74931 Lobbach

Phone: 49 (0) 6226 - 9505-0
Fax: 49 (0) 6226 - 950540

E-Mail: post@godbm.de
Internet: www.godbm.de

GOD Barcode Marketing mbH is a system vendor for information logistics.

Our services range from labelling using bar codes and / or transponders to data acquisition with stationary and mobile systems, from data communication using mobile data collection devices or pick-by-voice solutions to the processing or connection to higher-level computer systems such as SAP. In addition to the usual interfaces, radio and GSM / GPRS data communication are used.

We analyze weaknesses in operating procedures, develop appropriate solutions based on identification and data collection systems and ensure that organisational and operational improvements can be measured. In doing so, we are a reliable partner to our customers from the first idea to the final realisation.