Blue Yonder GmbH


Blue Yonder GmbH

Ohiostraße 8
76149 Karlsruhe

Phone: +49 (0)721 383 117 0
Fax: 49 (0)721 383 117 69


Blue Yonder is a leading provider in the fields of forecasting and data pattern recognition or “predictive analytics” for short. With precise predictions, in real time and cloud-based, Blue Yonder makes an important contribution to a company's success. Blue Yonder detects previously undetected relationships and patterns in structured and unstructured data. The software was originally developed in elementary particle physics.

At the world's largest particle accelerators such as the ones at CERN, data in the petabyte range can be evaluated every second. Many different branches of industry are using this capability for many applications: here, the self-learning (machine learning) and dynamic software provides accurate sales predictions and automatic order recommendations. It is used successfully in dynamic pricing and in the analysis of customer data. Companies are thus in a position to address customers with individual product recommendations and offers and to identify in good time customers who are considering making changes. Precise predictions allow preventative maintenance of machines and systems, thus reducing unplanned downtimes. The analyses also effectively support risk management. Well-known customers of Blue Yonder, which was established in 2008, include OTTO, dm, vodafone, and Crate & Barrel.

It has already won the well-regarded Data Mining Cup three times. And both the Cyberchampions Award 2011/12 and the Cyber One Award went to Karlsruhe in 2012.  Forecasts that constantly and automatically adapt themselves to changed basic conditions make an important contribution to making business processes profitable and fit for the future.