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Thumbnail-Photo: GeBE COMPACT Printer against Paper Jam
26.08.2009   #printers #label printers

GeBE COMPACT Printer against Paper Jam

An unpleasant aftereffect of improper handling by a large number of users can be damage to the printer mechanism of a printer module. It is essential to think about prevention, especially for applications planning for printers that have to withstand ...

Thumbnail-Photo: little black dress: KKM-89-C
26.08.2009   #IT hardware #POS keyboards

little black dress: KKM-89-C

as already announced, we present the new compact KKM-89-C keyboard. With it’s stylish design you find all the functions of a fullsize keyboard on 88 or 89 keys. With the small size of approximately 30 to 16 centimeters, the kkm-89-C keyboard ...

Thumbnail-Photo: pure laser technology: TW-19
26.08.2009   #IT hardware #office fittings

pure laser technology: TW-19

It is the heart of our TVG-19 built-in Trackball.

The TW-19 OEM module is easy to integrate, and gives a good opportunity to build in a mouse device in any application. The optical scanning and protection to IP68 complete his preferences. Description       Using the latest ...