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Thumbnail-Photo: Fujitsu delivers PC mass-production economics to retailer PoS...
24.11.2014   #POS systems #POS communications

Fujitsu delivers PC mass-production economics to retailer PoS

Maximize selling potential while keeping associated costs to a minimum

Fujitsu today makes in-store retail more adaptable and responsive, while optimizing Point of Sale (PoS) economics at any scale, with the introduction of the TeamPoS 7000 S-Series modular controller. Designed to address the challenges of ...

24.06.2013   #consulting

Fujitsu Pan-European Retail Survey 2013

Almost three in every five retailers expect to benefit most from technology solutions supporting online-based services

Fujitsu reveals that retailers across Europe are at a crossroads, facing the dilemma of increasing operational efficiency while also improving customer experience, and aware that achieving both is not possible. An exclusive survey of European ...