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Fujian Newland Computer Co., Ltd. was founded in 1994. After first 15 years of fast growing, it has become a prestigious high-tech IT enterprise in China with the net asset value of US $120 Million, 2,000 employees and was listed on ShengZhen Stock Exchange (SSE) in August, 2000 (Ticker Code: 000997) as a public company.


The major business aspect of Newland Computer is to provide professional servicess and application products which are based on networking for vertical markets in data identification, electronic payments, mobile communication support, and expressway information systems. In data identification, Newland Computer developed a global standard of 2-dimensional barcode decoding technology, to become one of the few companies in the world with such own core-technology. Also established was an advanced 2D barcode for mobile phones, used for electronic payment, couponing or ticketing applications. In the financial payment field, Newland Computer provides information services -and solutions to dozens of banks which include: CCB, ICBC, etc.


Led by innovation, Newland has been invited to join many technology projects and acquiring hundreds of patents. In technical innovation, a Nlinux platform based on Linux has been developed which supports the embedded system for a variety of applications; a self-owned technology of SOC (System on Chip) chipset has been designed to support product applications, such as the 32bits RISC SOC chipset for embedded markets, and a special chipset for 2D barcode applications. Newland also developed a special decoding technology to support the global standard 1D -and 2D barcodes as well as OCR in pattern identification. A FMEA (Failure Mode & Effects Analyze) library and ICT (In-Circuit Test) ability was developed, certified by ISO-9001 and ISO-14000, which ensures the quality in the products’ reliability, manufacturing and testing.


After years of development and obtaining a remarkable position in China market, Newland, is now focusing on the global market. Newlands’ products have successfully entered the global market. In 2003, Newland joint-ventured with Jauch Quartz GmbH in Germany and in 2008, Newland North America Inc., Newland Europe BV and Newland Taiwan Co., Ltd., were established.

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