officine di luce contemporanea

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Aldabra S.r.l. was established in the year 2000 from Walter Gadda (the actual president), after having developed considerable expertise by collaborating with the main companies in the lighting sector, together with the Arch. Carla Baratelli, founder of Studio Asia: architectural and design studio.

Gadda names his “officine di luce contemporanea” as Aldabra* atoll, (situated at approx. one thousand kilometres far from the Seychelles islands, characterized from a lagoon of approx. 30 km. of diameter), as the philosophy on which found the new company must inspires to the constant renewing of the island. In fact, what makes Aldabra a one-off ecosystem in the world, is its enormous lagoon which empties and brims two times a day because of tides, giving life to a continuous renewing.

“Aldabra, like the atoll, stations oneself like a company far from the usual routes, and where, at every breath, everything is renewed and reborn forever.

A company that has in its DNA a natural pulsion towards the research that brings itself inevitably to take up new challenges, and to study always innovative solutions as well as to recommend products in line with the market demand ever more attentive and selective.
“This is the philosophy that lights our passion”, comments Mr. Gadda.

Aldabra is launched for the first time at the “Euroluce” 2000, where it met with a great success that marked the beginning of its dynamic career.

In the first years of its life, Aldabra gets to become the exclusive distributor of brands leader in the lighting sector. However, the products designed, developed and manufactured by Aldabra distinguish the company for its innovation and exclusiveness. The Aldabra design and production are exclusively made in Italy, in order to favour an identity and style that are to be protected and promoted.

The company bases its activity and production on the application of the most innovative technologies and state-of-the-art materials.
The main aim of the company is precisely to propose new and innovative solutions where design and new light solutions dominate. One of the best example of this concept is the realization of the Light tube®: the first lamp with a patented lighting system, whose light emission has an effect similar to the solar one.

The Aldabra products are mainly divided into two lines:

_the “design products”: they result from technical research and innovative materials that bring to new and impressive solutions.
_the “innovative technologies”: led, electroluminescence and control units are the main elements in the Aldabra products.

These systems are applied in offices, Hotels, SPAs, shops, cinemas, theaters, museums, super yachts. Some of these innovative lighting solutions have been applied for: the biggest European Multiplex Multiplex U.G.C. in Roma Fiumicino, in the first Italian Guerlain SPA at the Carlton Baglioni Hotel in Milano, in the exclusive luxury exhibition Luxury & Yachts in Verona, in the most prestigious yachts made in Italy.

Besides, thanks to an efficient and widespread distribution trade all over the world, the Aldabra products are sold in the most professional store of lighting, design and furniture.

*Aldabra is one of the biggest coral islands in the world and in 1993 Unesco included it into the list of World Heritage.