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10.02.2008   #banners, flags

Revolutionary NEW Airow® Premium Light-pole Banner Arm

A true break-through in banner bracket technology.

In response to demands from customers in high-wind areas, Kalamazoo Banner Works by Consort has introduced the revolutionary KBW BannerFlex® Airow® banner bracket arm. The eccentrically milled and tapered fiberglass arm allows the ...

10.02.2008   #displays

The Tabletop Display for the Digital Age

PodiaT® Tabletop Display, designed as a double-sided tabletop frame, displays prints directly from office and home printers. The 300.5mm high by 12mm wide capsule is perfect for “letter size” paper or top-trimmed A4 paper, folded ...

10.02.2008   #shop building #shopfitting

Abstracta® Modular Display System

Abstracta is the innovative modular display and furniture system originally created in Denmark but which is now manufactured in Michigan, USA, by Consort Display Group. Two sizes of Abstracta, 13mm and 19mm tubes can be used to construct most any ...