Euro-Image Maciej Biernacki

Euro-Image Maciej Biernacki

ul. Wielgolas Brzezinski 12
05074 Halinów

Phone: +48 (0)22 78377 81
Fax: +48 (0)22 76030 01


Founding Year: 1992

Solutions for retail with the focus on non-food

EURO-IMAGE is pleased with the opportunity to introduce itself: we are a Polish commercial interior designer and equipment purveyor established in 1992.

We offer finished furniture as well as individual furniture elements such as aluminium profiles. We manufacture both standard furniture - counters, shelving systems, cabinets, display windows and cases - and furniture that is atypical, crafted to customer specific requirements. We build our furniture from diverse customer selected materials: stainless steel, glass, aluminium, laminates, MDF board. We work only with renown suppliers and that guarantees dependable execution and timely delivery.
To better meet customer needs we offer a comprehensive service - from design to assembly.