Cashmaster International (UK)


Cashmaster International (UK)

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About Cashmaster
Cashmaster International are manufacturers and distributors of some the world’s most intelligent cash counting and reconciliation machines.

Cashmaster is a global brand, supplying some of the world's largest blue chip multinationals, and is extremely proud to be a family owned company with their headquarters in Scotland, UK, and offices throughout Europe and the United States.

Cashmaster now offer a comprehensive range of machines designed to suit all levels of users, from single sole traders who operate one till, to blue chip multinationals who operate hundreds of tills. Tailored accessories such as printers and software, designed to exceed customer needs, complement the machine range.

Client Portfolio
Cashmaster serve a host of sectors with tailored cash counting and reconciliation solutions, including retail, banking and leisure and entertainment industries. Cashmaster also take pleasure in supplying their machines to a wide selection of less obvious users, including schools, prisons, council offices and churches.

In essence, wherever there is cash, a Cashmaster counting machine can significantly reduce cash shrinkage, save valuable time and staff resource and enhance accountability. Cashmaster take pleasure in working with some of the world’s most prestigious high street brand names, from international banking groups to well known restaurant chains. However, they are just as proud to support a host of independents and sole traders worldwide.

Cashmaster’s machines weigh currency (notes, coins and other forms of tender, including vouchers and coupons) to accurately calculate its monetary value, using some of the worlds most advanced digitised electronics.

The Cashmaster range of machines count cash by weight using highly accurate measuring devices and patented algorithms. In simple terms the processes involve converting the denomination weight applied on the machine and converting this to an analogue voltage level, which is then measured allowing the actual value of the cash to be calculated and displayed clearly to the user.

Free Trial
To allow clients to evaluate our products and claims, Cashmaster offer a 100% free, no hassle, no obligation trial.