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EFAFLEX is the leading specialist producer of high-speed doors for indoor and outdoor applications. The product range is distinguished by the highest possible production quality and innovative technology in all details. In addition, the company has built up a comprehensive network of company-owned dealerships in recent years. Sales, customer service and the supply of replacement parts can be found at many locations. EFAFLEX is proud that the immense potential based on 30 years of experience not only flows into each product but also into the entire organization.

A primary element of our success is derived from company philosophy. Exemplary and landmark in-company developments from the EFAFLEX organization provide for continuous progress. Many of the majority patented design features are synonymous with exemplary durability, notorious reliability, the highest degree of safety and the lowest possible operating costs.

The high-speed spiral door, for example, is exactly and consequently tailor made for a wide range of users. This ultra-modern door system combines the advantages of a real high-speed door with the popular profile of being lockable in one single door design. The scroll door enables, at continuous operation levels, the highest possible speeds of motion (up to 2 m/sec.), and is secure, weatherproof and heat insulating in addition to having low noise levels. The door has been designed for approx. 150,000 (!) cycles per year.