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Thumbnail-Photo: Laminated Hangers
13.09.2007   #shop equipment #hangers

Laminated Hangers

Laminated Hangers are made of several layers of high class veneers, in birch or beech bent in correct shape, glued, sanded and lacquered in refined quality. They bestow a stylish as well as peppy note to presentation of your fashion. ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Hangers of the Frost-n-Color Line
13.09.2007   #shop equipment #hangers

Hangers of the Frost-n-Color Line

The Hangers of the Frost-n-Color Line are made of high class plastics, clear, frosty or colored. They match perfectly the latest trend in shopfitting. Soft Touch New feeling for Clothes Hangers. Now you can have all hangers of our Frost-n-Color ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Wood Hangers
13.09.2007   #shop equipment #hangers

Wood Hangers

For the production of our high class wood hangers we only use selected wood of beech, maple or ash. In accordance to your shop design you can get these hangers natural, with clear lacquering, or stained resp. lacquered in different color shades. ...