ORIENT Technologies bv


ORIENT Technologies bv

Meerheide 115
5521 DX Eersel

Phone: +31 (0)497 331080
Fax: +31 (0)497 386430

E-Mail: kevin@orient-technologies.com
Internet: www.orient-technologies.com

ORIENT Technologies bv was founded in the Netherlands in 2001 by a group of investors from The Netherlands with the objective to bring Chinese IC technologies to Europe.
ORIENT Technologies bv embarked on a partnership with the Chinese printer company SNBC of Weihai/Shandong (full name: Shandong New Beiyang Information Technology Co., Ltd.).
In August 2005 the two companies decided to merge and ORIENT Technologies B.V. became a subsidiary of SNBC.

SNBC is one of world's major manufacturers of thermal printheads. Based on these printheads ORIENT Technologies and SNBC jointly develop thermal printing products for a wide variety of transaction applications, including point-of-sale, kiosk, and weight-scales.
ORIENT Technologies is responsible for the marketing, sales and support of the products in the EMEA region. Deliveries of the products are done from their new warehouse in Eersel in The Netherlands or for large orders directly from the factory in China.
ORIENT Technologies wins the loyalty of its customers by providing superior cost competitiveness and flexibility.
Through a large customer base in China, ORIENT Technologies boasts low unit costs that translate into great savings for our customers. The flexibility is reflected in our readiness to customize products (logos, colors) and to cooperate with customers in special support programs (e.g. consignment stocks).

The present product range of ORIENT Technologies B.V. includes:
  • Thermal and impact POS and kitchen printers
  • A range of interfaces (“daughter boards”)
  • A range of accessories for the POS and kitchen printers
  • Thermal ticket printers for thick paper
  • Thermal printers for kiosk applications

The company has marketing partners in several EMEA countries and is in the process extending the number of distributors.
Since December 1st, 2006, the company operates from a new office in Eersel in The Netherlands. The new office includes the corporate staff, a large warehouse (products and spare parts) and technical support (repair) personnel.