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Thumbnail-Photo: Kioskterminal T-Strata
11.10.2007   #kiosk terminals #multi media kiosks

Kioskterminal T-Strata

The T-Strata is an enclosure to open up the world of sales and ticketing. It facilitates an open display for reflecting content to users and observers. A thermal printer can be integrated into any model and is ingeniously positioned in the modified ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Kioskterminal C-Strata
11.10.2007   #kiosk terminals #info terminals

Kioskterminal C-Strata

The C-Strata offers an improved enclosure for presentations. Data can be seen by all spectators resulting from an interactive touch screen displayed at an alluring angle. The C-Strata kiosk enables a dynamic atmosphere allowing presentations to be ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Kiosk Terminal C2-Strata
11.10.2007   #kiosk terminals #info terminals

Kiosk Terminal C2-Strata

The C2-Strata comes in a wall mounted version for eliminating floor space and is a highly visible kiosk within any environment that requires floor space saving. The perfect solution for high traffic locations the C2-Strata can be integrated into the ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Kiosk Terminal D-Strata
25.09.2007   #terminals #terminal solutions

Kiosk Terminal D-Strata

This new and innovative model was designed to answer the need of larger volume and ease of maintenance. The square box enables integration of printers, pinpads, card readers, chip & pin, etc. The front opening enables more convenient access to ...