Scotsman Europe, Frimont S.p.A.

Scotsman Europe, Frimont S.p.A.

Via Puccini 22
20010 Pogliano Milanese/MI

Phone: +39 02 93960208
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Scotsman Ice Systems pioneered the development of affordable, reliable ice-making machines in the 1950s. Half a century of research, innovation and customer service later, we are the largest manufacturer of ice maker in the world, a truly global company with distributors and authorised service agents in over 100 countries. There are now over a million Scotsman ice makers at work, around the world.

A world of applications... Hotels, restaurants, bars, supermarkets, fast-food outlets and numerous other types of businesses rely on us for ice: cubes, flake, superflake, scale, nugget, dice, contour, gourmet ice, in quantities from cube-at-a-time dispensers to ten tonnes of ice a day. And each one of these businesses is special, because they are Scotsman customers.

A world of experience... It's only by listening to our customers, and then acting on what we hear, that we have become as big as we are. It is because our customers require it that we have built up our global distribution and service network, that we have built up our range of products, that we continue to strive for excellence in all the things we do.

We want our next million ice machines to be even better...

Behind the "front line" of our service people is our service support system - whose role in keeping the Scotsman promise is just as crucial.

Scotsman Technical Centres The core of this system is our worldwide network of Scotsman Technical Centres - over fifty of them, on five continents. Over ten thousand people a year attend seminars at our centres.

...and Technical Support on the ground At Scotsman, we speak your language. Manual, CD Roms, operational videos and guides are all available for those using and specifying Scotsman ice machines. Regular service bulletins are issued to all our engineers and are available direct to customers upon request.

A two way process Our after sales organisation plays a key role in reporting what we could be doing better. They are responsible for feeding back customer comments to our European, American, and Asian head offices: we are listening to you!