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Promolux / Econofrost MGV Inc. - Market Group Ventures

1869 E. Shawnigan Lake Rd., P.O. Box 40
V0R 2WO Shawnigan Lake, BC

Phone: +1 250 743 1222
Fax: +1 250 743 1221


Founding Year: 1985
Number of Employees: 11-50

Save energy with Safe Spectrum Lighting & Econofrost Covers

Safe Spectrum merchandising lamps for use in all types of retail display cases. Used extensively in supermarket and convenience stores to display produce, meat, dairy, deli, fish, flowers and bakery products. Safe Spectrum lamps are available in a full range of fluorescent bulbs as well as Halogen and incandescent bulbs for accent lighting. To show the importance of using food safe specialty lighting for retail food displays, Safe Spectrum lighting cites numerous research studies and provides examples of retail applications where specialty lighting can improve the safety of perishable food displays.
Econofrost reflective aluminum night covers for refrigerated display cases to keep cold air inside the display case during stores closed hours. Easy to install and provides fast payback by saving energy and protecting perishables from heat and UN radiation. Hygenic, clean and will not attract dust, mildew or mould. Econofrost thermal barriers also save energy and can reduce refrigeration costs by up to 50%. Econofrost Reflective Night Covers are made of a durable woven aluminum fabric which reflects heat, traps cold air, and stabilizes temperatures in refrigerated display cases.