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G.O.L.D. C-Plan - Warehouse Capacity Planning

The application module of the G.O.L.D. Software family permits which allows the different managers in one or more warehouses in the logistics network to manage their activities and to plan their resources for the short and medium terms.

The system enables:

  • The assessment of the warehouse daily workload and of the warehouse resource performance.
  • The detection of potential anomalies problems related to the different handling capacities (human and material resources).
  • The recalibration of planning in order to resolve these potential anomalies and the assessment of their impact.

A Complete and Powerful System

For short-term planning, G.O.L.D. C-Plan enables the manager, for each activity in the warehouse, to:

  • Assess the past activities of teams, the performance in the execution of these activities and the operational efficiency of the resources.
  • Check that team capacity, currently available or in the future, is sufficient taken into account the activity workload and time constraints, and indicate the potential shortfalls or excess resources.
  • Record the planning and potential resources, after the investigation of an overload.

A simulation tool allows the simultaneous display of “load / capacity” graphs for the various details of the different activities over time.

With G.O.L.D. C-Plan, the different activity managers in the warehouse also benefit from:

  • A summary management chart, which integrates traffic light reporting (red, yellow and green) for the correct functioning – with respect to planning conformance and productivity level objectives - on their activities.
  • The ability to focus on those activity details suspected to be the cause of the warning: it can be a sub-activity at the lowest level of the operation which may pose a planning or a productivity problem.

For medium-term planning, G.O.L.D. C-Plan enables managers to ensure that the capacity planned for the teams is sufficient for all the days defined in this horizon:

  • identification of the discordant days and teams,
  • identification of the discordant qualifications (assessment of capacity shortage and surplus).

When an anomaly occurs, the possible actions, after analysing the workload origin and the identification of the discordant orders, are:

  • The displacement of the activities (orders), for example the modification of the time-stamping of an order or an order group, or the modification of the processing site.
  • The use of sub-contractors and extra hours.

A High Performance System
Applying production planning techniques to warehouse management.
Decision support tools for warehouse managers to anticipate medium-term resource anomalies and to react efficiently in the short-term.

Aldata G.O.L.D. is a complete solution dedicated to the supply chain for the retail, wholesale, industry and 3rd party logistics sectors. Aldata Solution, with its G.O.L.D. software package, has a global product presence with prestigious references over many thousands of sites.


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