Product • 15.09.2008

Versatile lighting for tight deployment situations

The MLF Universal Luminaire from Regiolux

The ultra-slim MLF universal luminaire from Regiolux is one of the most compact T5 light strip systems on the market (W=33mm x H=55mm), and offers an extremely wide range of deployment possibilities. It is equally suitable for both simple and complex lighting solutions. With its natural-anodised aluminium housing, the MLF is not only appropriate for concealed recessed installation, for example indirect cove lighting, behind shades or behind various diffuser materials for light fields, but also for situations where the luminaire remains visible. In this respect it can be optically enhanced with a diffuser and can be additionally equipped with faceplate sockets for uses such as mirror illumination in changing and dressing rooms.

Extensive optical accessories make possible a wide deployment range for shops, prestigious spaces, reception zones, waiting rooms, schools and universities, offices and administration areas, hotels and catering and fitness and leisure facilities where the luminaire achieves maximum effect within a minimal space. Optical accessories include not only a diffuser for homogenous luminance levels and a wall washer for high vertical illuminance but also a reflector with wide or narrow light beam distribution for indoor circulation zones, ancillary rooms or for machine illumination and workplace lighting. The combination of compact dimensions with a wide variety of wattages and various dimming technologies is absolutely unique. Operation with FH and high-performance FQ lamps is also possible. Luminaires with FH lamping even satisfy the demands of the MM symbol. Multiwatt versions are also available whereby lamp wattage can be changed at any time.

The IP20 protection rating can be upgraded to IP40 with use of the diffuser. The MLF has continuous wiring and is equipped with the gesis mini standard plug connection system from Wieland, ensuring a simple and safe installation and commissioning. Continuous rows to 10A connected load can be easily installed, enabling a uniform illumination of the room without gaps between the luminaires.

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