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TRILUX Lumena 150 LED: Powerful, small scale spotlight

Accentuate, focus and set in scene

TRILUX Lumena 150 LED: Accentuate, focus and set in scene...
TRILUX Lumena 150 LED: Accentuate, focus and set in scene

The TRILUX Lumena 150 has made a name for itself as a powerful, small scale spotlight. With the LED variation the compact all-rounder at last gains high-end status in terms of flexible accentuation. With high-power LEDs as modern light sources, the Lumena 150 combines the advantages of the tried-and-true spotlight with the achievements of state-of-the-art LED technology. The spotlight features twelve switchable 3 Watt LEDs and allows illumination according to situation and architecture with white, red, green and blue light. Each individual LED is equipped with its 'own' lens, whereby the optical systems – either rotationally symmetrical narrow distribution or rotationally symmetrical wide distribution – have been optimised to the highest level, and light control can be adapted according to individual requirements. The attractive appearance of the spotlight, designed according to a claim to high quality that makes itself apparent in the luminaire form, serves to additionally emphasise the character of the object illuminated.


  • Adjustment of angle of tilt and angle of rotation allows an exact targeting of the spotlight
  • Optionally available with extended bracket arm for optimal alignment for display illumination
  • High IP 66 protection rating
  • Wide distribution and narrow distribution optics
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