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The original ELEKTRA mini connector system for maximum installation comfort

Mini connector system
Mini connector system

The unique mini connector system facilitates the installation of lights, transformers etc. The connectors require a cut-out of 8mm only for their passage through furniture panels and provide for a timesaving and easy installation. The complete system is now also available as a low-voltage version with blue coding for 12V halogen lights and green coding for 24V LED lights. Suitable supply and extension leads, terminal blocks and switches complete the connector system.

Mini connector system also available as 3-pole version for a protection rating

For full power the 230V miniature plug-in system is now also available as 3-pole version with 6A and 16A. As one of the new highlights the extended miniature plug-in system presents itself for lighting fixtures of protection class I, 3-pole version as 6A and 16A type. The adaptation with the known 2-pole system of protection class II is now possible without any problem.
With these novelties ELEKTRA complements and completes its miniature plug-in system having proved a success for many years and still being unique with which now all current connection variants and all types lighting fixture can be electrified.

Especially in high-voltage applications the new HO fluorescent range with high luminosity is the ideal solution as a complement to protection class I luminaires. The system consists of 3-pole 16A/6A components: connector, distributor, plug, socket,  complete with cabling. The system’s largest drilling diameter is max. 13mm (12.5mm diameter for the male plug).

Advantages of the 3-pole mini connector system for the user are obvious: a simple, fast and safe installation option to connect and electrify protection class I luminaires in furniture and shopfitting environments.



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