Report • 09.03.2015

The Elegance of Light

Ansorg illuminates the Europe-wide first Hyundai flagship store in Frankfurt

Directly on the Frankfurt car dealership mile Hyundai Motor Deutsch-land has opened its Europe-wide first flagship store. The 2,466 square metre display area which covers two floors was configured in accordance with the Hyundai design newly introduced worldwide and gives the customer a modern, interactive and unmistakable brand experience. The impressive scene setting is based on an innovative lighting concept implemented by Ansorg from Mülheim.

Responsible for design implementation was the architects’ office Arno Wagner. New materials and structural shapes reflect the dynamism and the innovative spirit of the Hyundai trade mark. Over the complete exhibition area the customers enjoy a bright and modern ambiance. A warm bronze shade dominates throughout, both along the façade and in the interior area. In addition, design elements in warm natural shades, lounge areas and seating groups invite the customer to linger a while. As a result of the pleasant atmosphere in the showroom the trade mark experience is intensified. At the forefront of the concept is direct contact and interaction of the customer with the trade mark.

An optimally matched LED lighting concept impressively sets the scene for the new showroom design and the Hyundai trade mark. The light gives the car dealership elegance from the outside and the inside and creates a luxuriously cosy atmosphere. The open architecture makes a high incidence of daylight possible to which the high performance lighting solutions from Ansorg correspond in an optimum manner. Due to different ceiling structures, Ansorg used different luminaires. At the entrance level, gimbal-mounted recessed spotlights of the Cardo series are inserted in bronze-coloured ceiling elements and lighting ducts, the arrangement of which creates the appearance of shining eyes.

On the upper floor, on the other hand, track-mounted spotlights of the Take series are installed. The orientation of the light makes the most precise illumination of characteristic floor elements possible, on which vehicles, consulting islands or further elements are placed. Hence a lighting atmosphere rich in contrasts is obtained that gives the room a dynamism and structure. The interplay of high-grade LED technology and alternately used narrow and wide-beam reflectors ensures exciting accentuation of the vehicles and a high brilliance of the automotive paint finishes. An additional luminaire frame makes the highlight area by the shop window stand out from the rest of the room und impressively sets the scene for the vehicle focused on there.

A special feature of the Hyundai showroom is, however, the spatially separated premium area for which the scene is also set by means of lighting techniques. A gigantic elliptical luminous ceiling ensures a visual experience of the whole area and optimum illumination of the platform area. Downlights all around the luminous ceiling additionally brighten the premium area.

Whereas in the showroom the light colour temperature 4000 Kelvin is consistently used which underscores the lustre and the value of the vehicles, in the service reception area Maxx downlights with 3000 Kelvin for a slightly warmer atmosphere. Also in the closed consulting rooms Maxx downlights produce pleasant, glare-free lighting.

Besides the sales-promoting lighting effect in the whole showroom, the outstanding energy value of a good seven watts per square metre also guarantees the success of the lighting concept. The perfect combination of architecture, design and light makes Europe’s first Hyundai flagship store a shining highlight on Frankfurt’s car dealership mile.

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