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The DL 50 LED luminaire range brings together pioneering technology with a classic design

As a result of its high aesthetic appeal, the family of luminaires has been nominated for the German Design Award 2016

Die nominierte Leuchtenfamilie DL 50 LED
Die nominierte Leuchtenfamilie DL 50 LED
Source: Siteco

The uniform and modular-design DL 50 LED range of luminaires from the OSRAM subsidiary Siteco brings together pioneering technology with a classic design to meet almost all technical and decorative road lighting tasks. In terms of appearance, its circular design references the characteristic basic form of technical-decorative road luminaires.

As a result of its high aesthetic appeal, the family of luminaires has been nominated for the German Design Award 2016. From a technological point of view, the luminaires offer all the benefits of innovative LED road luminaires with their high efficiency of up to 106 lumens per watt and long lifespans of up to 100,000 hours (L90/B10).

The DL 50 LED is available in two construction sizes and as side-entry, post top and catenary luminaires. Various light distribution characteristics, three light colours and several lumen packages are available to meet the highly diverse lighting tasks in urban areas, ranging from market squares and residential streets to multi-lane collection roads. The 3-zone faceted reflectors transform the high luminance values of the LEDs into highly homogeneous, standard-compliant illumination with flowing contrast transitions, thus improving visual comfort and therefore levels of perception in hazardous situations.

A focus was placed on easy installation and convenient maintenance. The luminaires are wired ready for connection, and the inclination angle is simply set via a ratchet setting. While relamping is needed every three to six years with conventional luminaires, the LED module of the DL 50 LED has been designed for a lifespan of 22 to 25 years under typical use. Thanks to a modular design and the highly reliable gear tray technology, the ECG and LED unit are replaced with ease while the housing stays on the mast for a considerably longer period. This sustainable design concept therefore enabling upgrades to future, higher-performance LED modules.

Thanks to intelligent control, the luminaires can be set individually or as groups for specific lighting tasks and dimming values and periods can be specified, meaning operation is according to requirements and with optimised energy consumption.

Source: Siteco

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