Company News • 06.11.2009

Pharmacy from the Arabian Nights

For the Super-Care Pharmacy in Dubai Mall, Ansorg developed, together with the Bluehaus design office, a lighting solution which makes the Wellness temple radiant.

It is probably the largest pharmacy in the Arab emirates that moved into Dubai Mall in February 2009. For the 30-year old brand all the signs indicate expansion: Super-Care Pharmacy is taking the route from the classic pharmacy to the modern centre for health and wellness – linked with comprehensive service. For the 900 m² large shop in one of the world’s largest shopping malls, this strategic approach has been applied to practice for the first time.

"The aim was to combine the old idea of a store with a new wellness concept ", explains Tara Veldmann, Bluehaus‘ Design Manageress.“What is involved is rather a holistic health offer than the typical pharmacy." In addition to the classic pharmacy range Supercare provides a comprehensive choice of Wellness products and services to the customer. There are even treatment rooms on the spot where, from skin analysis via make-up to massage, the services leave nothing to be desired. Beauty and care play a great role in the Arabian region. Added to this is the fact that there are no drugstore markets here, the new shop was therefore also a milestone as a "one-stop supplier" in the wellness area.

Open space as a challenge

The enormous area of the shop and the four-metre high rooms were an opportunity and a challenge at the same time, since Super-Care was in no way intended to be like a supermarket. The salesroom was divided into shop units, as the dominant material warm-coloured wood was used – rather the exception in such a property and thus a clear signal of setting-themselves apart from the competition and of the renewal of the brand.

At the same time the product is always at the centre: For the multi-facetted and colourful product assortment of Super-Care only bright, neutral surroundings could be considered. "Clean" was Bluehaus’s credo. This vision was supported by an intelligent lighting solution that has a salespromoting effect, gives the room an atmosphere and underlines its wellness character. What is more, there were detailed technical stipulations by the operators of Dubai Mall, which were incorporated in the planning.

Relaxed feel-good atmosphere

From the very high ceiling, specially designed profiled sections were suspended into which the Cardo spotlights were fitted. These illuminate the peripheral areas and accentuate the individual shop areas. The mobility of Cardo due to their being gimbal-mounted permits the distribution of light in every direction throughout the room, supported by flood reflectors which generate a soft pattern and a harmonious light mood. Maxx downlights light up the aisle area uniformly and absolutely glare-free. For good colour rendition, brilliant HIT lamps are used everywhere in the sales area. In the shop windows, blue Cone luminaires with blue filters emphasize Super-Care’s corporate colour. For the treatment rooms the dimmable downlight Pizza creates a diffuse and glare-free lighting situation that ensures a relaxed feel-good atmosphere.

The next superlatives of the Super-Store will soon be forthcoming.

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