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Nualight Selected as LED Lighting Partner to Sainsbury’s

Nualight, the leading specialist in LED lighting for food retail, has been selected by Sainsbury’s to be its partner for a significant LED lighting programme in refrigerated cases across all new and refurbished stores.

Nualight will supply Sainsbury’s with LED lighting – including cutting-edge lighting technologies Vivace and Perfino - for low-temperature, medium-temperature and speciality cases in all new stores. As well as enhancing the merchandising impact of the food displays, Nualight’s lighting will support the Sainsbury’s 20 by 20 Sustainability Plan which includes a target to reduce operational carbon emissions by 30 per cent* by 2020. Nualight LED lighting will reduce lighting-related energy consumption for Sainsbury’s by 70% in low-temperature cases and by 40% in medium-temperature cases. Nualight LED lighting is also maintenance-free with a guaranteed lifetime of 50,000 hours, further enhancing its sustainable and cost-saving credentials.

According to Dr. Liam Kelly, CEO Nualight, the firm had to meet the particular needs and high standards of Sainsbury’s lighting requirements. “Sainsbury’s is an iconic retailer with a worldwide reputation for the quality and provenance of its food. Working with the Sainsbury’s lighting specialist Harold Allen and the merchandising team has been a very rewarding experience for us and we are proud to be contributing to its 20 by 20 Sustainability Plan. As one would expect from a retailer with a very high standard of food, the company requires an equally high standard of LED lighting. We look forward to continuing to meet Sainsbury’s challenges with inventiveness, flexibility and technological innovation.”

New Sainsbury’s stores will feature the very latest Nualight LED lighting innovations, many of which have been customised to create the best possible merchandising impact.

For example, Vivace is a unique colour-boosting CRI technology specifically designed to solve the problem of dark spots and dullness of colour (particularly in greens, oranges and reds) in fresh food displays. Sainsbury’s will use Nualight’s Alto Vivace lighting in all meat, seafood and bakery serve-overs, with fixtures designed into the frame of the cases for a sleek finish.

Sainsbury’s is also the first retailer in the world to use Nualight’s innovative Perfino technology, which tackles the challenges of reflective packaging and visibility of the LEDs in multi-decks. As well as providing a more comfortable light for customers, the Alto Perfino delivers perfectly smooth illumination all the way to the bottom of the case and its high CRI design brings out the brightest colours in packaged food.

In addition to the important contribution that Nualight’s lighting will make to the 20 by 20 Sustainability Plan, Harold Allen from Sainsbury’s also said that Nualight’s LED lighting would help to bring the quality food proposition to life for its customers. “Nualight’s lighting was selected not only for its energy-efficiency but for its exceptional lighting performance. Lighting is used strategically to create the unique Sainsbury’s store ambience and bring out the best qualities in the food on display in our stores. Nualight has worked closely with our lighting team throughout the pilot phase, identifying and resolving challenges to create the best possible merchandising impact in each application.”

This latest Nualight deal with Sainsbury’s follows similar transactions with other major retailers in Europe in 2011. Nualight offers the most versatile LED lighting in the industry, working with retailers and merchandisers to tailor lighting according to the brand image, store format, case type and colours/textures of food on display. Nualight has the largest installed base of horizontal LED lighting globally and is successfully rolling out its products in 20 countries with major international retail players. In September of last year, the company announced the acquisition of Lumoluce, an LED lighting technology company based in the Netherlands, accelerating its move into full-store LED lighting solutions.

Led by Dr. Liam Kelly, a leading authority in LED lighting, Nualight is funded by Climate Change Capital, ESB Novus Modus, 4th Level Ventures and the Quinn retail family. This unique combination of LED technology, cleantech expertise and food retail experience makes Nualight a powerful partner for retailers who wish to drive footfall to their food displays while delivering on their sustainability agenda.

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