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Nualight launches Arc, world’s lightest LED high bay

Smarter design for large-scale industrial and retail applications

Arc is the latest addition to Nualight’s commercial & industrial lighting...
Arc is the latest addition to Nualight’s commercial & industrial lighting portfolio.
Source: Nualight Europe

High bay lighting is undergoing a revolution, from energy-intensive, unhealthy, cumbersome and “dumb” lighting to intelligent LED. Nualight’s new Arc LED high bay is leading the drive.

The smarter design of Nualight’s Arc family solves the industry’s biggest high bay lighting issues and generates more energy-savings and profit for both installers and end-users.  With excellent lighting performance and on-board smart controls, Arc also creates healthier, safer and more productive workspaces with tailored light levels and user-friendly dimming.

At just 4.3kg or 9.0kg depending on the model, the exceptionally lightweight design of Arc substantially reduces shipping and handling costs, as well as enabling one-person installation.  This drives down project installation costs.

Despite the small form factor, Arc has a very powerful light output with efficiencies up to 116 lm/W depending on the model. This is possible because of the innovative “fin” design which accelerates thermal cooling and gives Arc its distinctive, elegant aesthetic. This best-in-class energy-efficiency together with up to 100,000 hours lifetime creates a very attractive return on investment.

Arc is a highly configurable high bay lighting family in terms of optical control and lumen output, so that a “right-sized” model is available for a very wide range of industrial applications. The optical design minimises glare and creates a very comfortable working light. It is also available in a Standard (IP44) or Pro (IP65) model, both of which have an IK08 rating. The Standard model has an operating temperature of -30C to +40C and L70/50K, while the Pro version has an operating temperature of -40C to +50C and L70/100K.

Arc is the latest addition to Nualight’s commercial & industrial lighting portfolio alongside Titan (low bay), Blaze (ceiling-tile) and Viga (downlight). All products have been designed to deliver minimal glare and enable smart lighting control.

Source: Nualight Europe

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