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New retail lighting solutions from Luxonic at RDE 2015

Luxonic is launching the new Alterlite 95 range of LED spotlights....
Luxonic is launching the new Alterlite 95 range of LED spotlights.
Source: Luxonic

From an extensive array of luminaires designed and developed for the retail environment, Luxonic is offering some new solutions for lighting retail areas at Retail Design Expo ‘15.

Following the success of the Alterlite display lighting range, Luxonic is launching the new Alterlite 95 range of LED spotlights. Designed for track or surface mounting, these compact 95mm diameter spotlights have housings finished in white, black or silver grey, and are available in LED colour options of 4000K RA80 or 3000K RA80.

Two versions of the medium beam optic luminaire are available, one with a ‘chip on board’ module (COB) and the other with an easily replaceable twist and lock LED module. Both have lamp life of 50,000 hours and are low wattage 20W to 28W, and with lumen output of between 1200 and over 2000 lumens.  There are also special spectral distribution versions to enhance meat, fish and bread. Also in the range is an ultra narrow 9° spot which is perfect for highlighting merchandise.  This luminaire comes in an 18W, 1000 lumen version or a 25W, 1500 lumen version.

Linearlux is a really versatile trunking system that can incorporate different forms of continuous LED lighting for use in retail aisles. Supplied in 4.5m lengths, this pre-wired white steel rolled section lighting trunking is designed to be adjusted to fit the installation on-site. Complete with 7 core 2.5mm square conductors with gear tray spacing every 1.5m, there are a variety of components such as suspension brackets, couplers, infill and endcaps for complete flexibility of installation. 

As part of the Linearlux trunking system, Luxonic has developed its multi-lens optic luminaire to fit within the trunking section. A wide variety of LED luminaires can be specified in different wattages and lumen outputs with up to 132 luminaire lumens per circuit watt. 

Satisfying the demand for energy efficient ‘back of house’ and warehouse lighting for retailers is the new Hi-Max LED luminaire from Luxonic.

This luminaire is a very high efficiency, up to 130 luminaire lumens per circuit watt, diecast hi-bay luminaire designed for all high level open area applications.  It comes in a range of outputs from 8,000 to 34,000 lumens and may be wirelessly controlled. Special thermal management with channelled convection cooling extends the life of the LEDs and the driver has an expected life of over 100,000 hours and an 8 year warranty. To complete the exacting requirements of the retail environment, Hi-Max comes with satin brightness enhancing attachment.

With a variety of suspension methods available, this IP65 Hi-Max luminaire can also be specified with ECODIM® which incorporates PIR and daylight sensors to optimise energy efficiency.

Source: Luxonic

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