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New LED Food Light technology from BÄRO

Product-specific presentation of fresh foodstuffs is now possible with LED technology

Energy efficient and a long service life: the new LED Food Light technology...
Energy efficient and a long service life: the new LED Food Light technology (here integrated in an Intara-Releda recessed luminaire) enables product-specific presentation of fresh foodstuffs.

With the new LED Food Light technology from BÄRO, fresh foodstuffs can now be professionally illuminated with LED technology for the first time. A special light colour that is unique on the market presents the fresh products in their natural colours. A further advantage of the new LED Food Light technology, which perfectly compliments the well-proven BÄRO Food Light concept as a consistent further development, is that it emits virtually no heat to the products or the room. This prevents ageing or premature changes to the consistency of sensitive bakery, cheese or sausage products. The formation of condensation water in packaging is also prevented. Thanks to the absence of UV and infrared radiation in the light spectrum insects are not attracted – a particular advantage for fresh bakery goods.

BÄRO LED Food Light ensures a gentle presentation of products that also boosts sales. The new lighting technology that is available for numerous luminaires from the BÄRO product range is ideal for illuminating sales counters, product tables and shelves.

High energy efficiency – electricity savings of up to 50%

The LED Food Light technology has an average service life of 40,000 – 50,000 hours. It is almost maintenance-free and particularly energy efficient – as a rule 50% less energy is needed to achieve a lighting level comparable with conventional discharge lamps. The full luminous flux is available as soon as the luminaires are switched on and there is no warm-up phase as with discharge lamps. The LEDs can be infinitely dimmed and frequently switched on and off without impacting the service life.

LED Food Light from BÄRO – the advantages:

  • Sales-promoting light that optimises the natural colours of fresh products
  • Very good product protection as no heat is emitted
  • Greatly reduced product losses when cutting meat and sausages
  • Protection against insects as there is no UV or infrared radiation in the light spectrum (does not attract insects)
  • No formation of condensation in packaging
  • No maintenance thanks to an average service life of 40,000 – 50,000 hours
  • Extremely energy efficient operation
  • No warm-up phase: 100% luminous flux as soon as the lamp is switched     on
  • Ideal for fridges and freezer units on account of even and high luminous flux, even in (extremely) cold ambient temperatures
  • No dazzle and reflection thanks to special reflector technology 
  • Switching frequency does not affect the service life
  • No loss of light over the whole lifetime with LED food light technology
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