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NAVO using LED technology will set the standards for aisle areas in the future

Goods on shelves seen in a completely new light

NAVO using LED technology will set the standards for aisle areas in the future...
Source: Ansorg GmbH

The new development NAVO is trend-setting and innovative in several respects. With it Ansorg brightens up an important area at the point of sale: the aisle area. With the novel LED luminaire, the light now really gets on the merchandise, since NAVO puts brilliance on the shelves.

Whereas conventional systems for aisle areas produce large-area lighting which is hence only slightly accentuated, NAVO ensures that there is dynamism and variety in the aisles. This is successfully achieved by means of indirect light directing which ensures an extraordinary, light-intense presentation of the goods. In that way new design possibilities are immediately opened up by means of perfectly accentuated light setting. A pleasant, homogeneous light distribution along the shelves and on the floor is nevertheless ensured.

Challenge of the aisle area

Monotonous shelf gorges are quickly obtained when assortment containing aisles are illuminated homogeneously and uniformly. An optimum lighting concept must in this case not only provide brightness, but also structure and a sales-promoting ambiance. That is done by NAVO with its unique concept that combines the strengths of various technologies: the basis is a high-performance LED module of excellent quality. The specific radiation characteristics of the LEDs in combination with a special reflector do in fact produce a strong contrast between the floor and the walls.

In the luminaire itself the light strikes two asymmetrical reflectors which due to their special geometry ensure visual comfort and absence of glare. In a way typical of Ansorg the power-track mounted luminaire NAVO is also convincing as a result of its high-quality, sophisticated design bringing about perfect harmony of shape and function. The double directional washer is framed in a compact, closed housing. The light source is invisible to the customer. The product’s subdued elegance fits unobtrusively into the surrounding area and discreetly upgrades it.

In everyday sales activities NAVO does, however, also shine from a commercial point of view: the lighting solution permits distances between luminaires of 3.20 m so that larger sections can also be efficiently and economically illuminated. Once it is fitted, NAVO benefits from the long service life typical of LEDs.

In total the product concept of NAVO is a sustainable and commercially interesting alternative to the conventional fluorescent strip lighting and casts a completely new light on scene setting for goods on shelves and aisle areas.

Navo is available as tracklight an recessed spotlight with asymmetrical and double asymmetrical light distribution.

Technical information:

  • Lighting equipment: LEDs, 8000lm, 2700, 3000 and 4000K
  • passive cooling
  • Mounting: 3-circuit power track adapter
  • Reflectors: Double directional washer, asymmetrical
  • Weight: Approx. 2.3 kg
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