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McDonald´s Restaurant, Paris Orly Airport

Fast Food by the Taxiway

Jointly with Philippe Avanzi from the architects’ office Atelier Archange, Ansorg implemented a modern lighting concept for McDonald’s that comes up with lots of LED and special solutions and can earn points with high energy efficiency.

A stopover at the South Terminal : not only is the view top-notch. The McDonald's restaurant reminds you of a business lounge that provides everything rushing or relaxed travellers wish for: besides Big Mac and Co. there are self-ordering kiosks and table service, free Wifi (WLAN), displays with arrival and departure times, storage battery charging stations at the tables or stow room for the baggage. Everything is bright, friendly and tasteful. Children can let off steam in the play areas; adults can devote themselves to the international press on the iPad. In the summer there is room for the whole family on the large terrace, dream view included.

The opening of the extraordinary McDonald's branch was integrated into a qualitative reorientation of the Paris airports and their culinary ranges on offer. It is an upgrade of the brand that sets standards for similar locations as regards service, furnishings and décor. As an interior designer, Philippe Avanzi from the architects’ office Atelier Archange has been responsible for design since 1998. In close cooperation with him, Ansorg was able to implement a lighting concept that provides a lot of LED and special solutions and achieves high energy efficiency.

Light technical sophistication for the premium address

Just as demanding and versatile as the restaurant presents itself was the structure of the multi-layered terms of reference for the lighting. Besides the casual atmosphere, in particular freedom from glare was a premise as a consequence of the window front in the immediate vicinity of the taxiway and the large number of Plexiglas walls in the room.

As far as the choice of lighting equipment was concerned, it was possible to make use of the characteristics and advantages of LED technology. To optimize the energy efficiency in lighting design, classic lighting techniques were additionally used. Special reflectors, filters and lenses ensure a glare-free and warm lighting mood with natural colour rendition. Customized lighting situations are found in all of the areas; whether in the food serving and waiting zones, above the tables and in the aisles, the desired light distribution and lighting atmosphere are always ensured.

On the whole, in this McDonald’s branch an innovative and emotional scenario is presented which welcomes people and at this staging post on their journey invites them in an attractive ambiance to recharge their batteries and linger a while: Fast Food in the best light.

Project information:
Customer:                                  McDonald´s France, Guyancourt
Floor area:                                  316 m²
Power consumption:               18 W/m²
Architect:                                    Philippe Avanzi,
                                                      Atelier Archange, Vallauris
Lighting design:                        Ansorg France
Luminaires:                               Special solutions

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