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Lighting specialists for masterful retail scene-setting

Wallwashers and Super Spots from PROLICHT

As an expert in shop lighting, PROLICHT knows the high demands placed on modern and promotional goods displays. With its individually configurable high-tech luminaires, the Tyrolean premium manufacturer offers differentiated lighting solutions for all shop concepts and types of goods. The improved Prolicht Wallwasher and narrow-beam super spots also stand for extraordinary lighting design, great flexibility and ease of use.

Even, general lighting, which ensures the entire sales area is bright enough, is the first requirement for a consistent lighting concept. It creates a pleasant atmosphere and encourages the shopper to linger from the moment they enter the shop. However, to present the goods on offer in a detailed and attractive way, vertical shelf and wall lighting and carefully positioned lighting accents are essential.

The illumination of vertical surfaces with wallwashers provides added brightness and width to shops, many of which have little natural light. The light guides the eye around the room and provides a visible structure. Carefully positioned wall lighting makes aisles and circulation areas fade into the background and directly draws attention to the goods on the shelves. Customers are enticed into the shopping world by the lighting design.



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Narrow-beam spots that highlight individual features within a uniform light...
Narrow-beam spots that highlight individual features within a uniform light field complement homogenous lighting in a shop perfectly.
Source: Prolicht

An even field of light is important for providing good illumination of wall spaces, neither exceeding or shrinking the contours of the wall. That’s exactly why Prolicht developed its wallwashers with a vertical boost concept: several spoon-shaped multi-faceted reflectors are mounted at different angles in one module. One single module can provide completely even lighting of walls up to 4.5 m high and 1.8 m wide with superb visual comfort – and without illuminating the floor. The topmost and lowest shelf positions and the edges remain clearly visible.

Wallwashers for power rail systems

With the new magiq plus wallwash, Prolicht now offers a wallwasher that can be fitted on 3-phase rails. The new design offers two benefits: the aluminium housing, which connects to the power rails, improves the cooling effect because it is completely surrounded by air. This means that illuminants are now available with a higher lighting performance than ever before. The additional mechanism makes the magiq plus wallwash extraordinarily flexible. With just a click, the entire module can be released from the housing, rotated 180 degrees and reinserted. The housing simply remains on the rail. This guarantees that the interface between the luminaire and the rail is always parallel and clearly delineated, no matter which side the magiq plus wallwash is illuminating – perfect for changing goods’ presentations and shop interiors.

The narrow-beam spots are the perfect complement to the even vertical illumination produced by wallwashers, setting individual accents within the uniform field of light. Special products or specific details of the shop design concept are effectively brought into the foreground. To make the accent lighting accurate, the light cone must be sharply delineated. With a beam angle of just 6 degrees, Prolicht super spots create an extraordinarily narrow beam of light. They can be used, for example, in the manufacturer’s imagine trackspots, which can also be fitted on 3-phase rails. The high precision reflectors and latest generation COB LEDs ensure an extremely focused cone of light. They can also be used from targeted light points over 4 m high.

The new magiq plus wallwash (left) can be mounted on 3-phase rails and rotated...
The new magiq plus wallwash (left) can be mounted on 3-phase rails and rotated 180° with a single click, thanks to the additional swivel mechanism. With beam angles of only 6°, super spots (right) from Prolicht provide an extraordinarily narrow beam of light.
Source: Prolicht

The super spots and wallwashers from Prolicht complement each other perfectly to set the scene for the goods with an exact and flexible lighting concept. Every luminaire can be tailored to suit the individual project, or even implemented as a one-off custom development.

Prolicht will be presenting its high-tech luminaires for unique lighting solutions in Hall 9, Stand C74 at the Dusseldorf EuroShop expo from 03/05/2017 to 03/09/2017.

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