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”LED spots continue to replace the traditional halogen lamps“

Interview with Marcus Zauner, Marketing Manager for LUXX Lichtsysteme GmbH

Marcus Zauner: As far as the potential of OLEDs goes for store lighting, we...
Marcus Zauner: 'As far as the potential of OLEDs goes for store lighting, we simply have to wait.'
Source: LUXX Lichttechnik GmbH

Marcus Zauner is Marketing Manager for LUXX Lichtsysteme GmbH. In this interview, he talks about the advantages of LED in store lighting and explains what advantages LED has compared to T5 neon tubes and what the trends in lighting look like for 2013.

Mr. Zauner, what advantages do LED lamps have compared with other lighting systems?

LED lamps distinguish themselves through a number of advantages compared to other lighting systems. On the one hand, they last much longer and this makes them considerably lower maintenance than traditional lamps for example. On the other hand, LEDs do not emit infrared and UV radiation. This preserves the colors and materials of the merchandise and furniture.

What advantages do LEDs have beyond merchandise protection?

Other advantages are high energy efficiency and low power consumption compared to other lighting systems. Especially for open refrigerated display cases like those at gas stations for instance, LED wins with less heat emission than a T5 neon tube for instance.

How far have LED lamps become accepted in retail at this point?

The development in this area has drastically advanced over the past few years. The significance of LED technology will continue to increase over the next years, since in many areas it is far superior to conventional lighting systems.

Which LED product is best for which product category?

LED spots will continue to replace the traditional halogen lamps to skillfully add new accents and perfectly stage products. For true-to-life color and material rendering, LED lighting solutions with a high color rendering index are essential. There are special color mixtures for meat counters, produce sections and bread counters, which put the products in the right light.

Where are LEDs best suited?

The use of LEDs is –among other things- especially interesting in refrigerated displays, since the cold temperature has a positive effect on the LED life cycle. In addition, the use of LEDs generates less heat than traditional T5 neon tubes for instance. The shelf life of products that are in open refrigerated display cases is significantly extended as a result.

Organic light emitting diodes are not as long lasting yet as traditional LEDs and are presently installed mainly in large-scale color and light installations. How do you evaluate the potential of OLEDs for store lighting?

Right now, we are not using organic light emitting diodes. However, we are following the development with great interest. As far as the potential of OLEDs goes for store lighting, we simply have to wait and see how costs, energy efficiency and the technology life cycle will develop over the next few years.

What LED products are planned for the future and what is your company currently working on?

We are presently working on different solutions for new store construction. For instance in the next few months, we will introduce an innovative shelf lighting system that is not yet available as such anywhere in the world.

What trends in LED store lighting are you expecting for 2013?

Among others, the use of lamps with high color rending is a trend. In addition, we also always get inquiries about large-scale LED lighting with so-called light panels or headlamp diffusers. There is still an enormous development potential, particularly in the decorative area and as backlighting for advertising messages.

Interview by Andre Löckenhoff,

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