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Honoring British Columbia’s best lighting designers

The IESBC announces its 2019 ‘Vision Award’ recipients

A bar with interior lighting; copyright: Erich Saide...
IESBC's 2019 honorable mention is the Origo Club located in Richmond, BC for Interior Lighting Design (Joy Chao & Michelle Tse).
Source: Erich Saide

On May 30, the Illuminating Engineering Society of British Columbia (IESBC) awarded its 2019 ‘Vision Award’ recipients, which honors outstanding BC lighting designers for their work.

“The lighting projects received this year showcased a variety of organizations utilizing new lighting technology to create new spaces and upgrade existing ones,” says Marty Geusebroek, IESBC’s chair member and account manager at CDM2. “From universities to public outdoor areas, it’s remarkable to see how subtle lighting additions can enhance texture, emphasize colour, and support the structure of the built environment.”

Award categories

Illumination Award for Interior Lighting Design

In 1902 Edwin F. Guth founded the St. Louis Brass Company and later renamed it the Edwin F. Guth Company. Mr. Guth's profound creativity, entrepreneurialism and focus to improve interior lighting are partially represented through 147 patents awarded to him prior to his passing in 1962. This award recognizes exceptional interior lighting projects that balance the functional illumination of space with the artistic application of light to enhance the occupant's experience.

Winner in this category was the UBC Aquatic Centre (AES Engineering) in Vancouver, BC.

St. Michaels University School (SMUS) Sun Centre Dining Hall and Student Commons (AES Engineering) for Interior Lighting Design (Victoria, BC).

Robson Court Renovation 840 Howe Street (AES Engineering) for Interior Lighting Design (Vancouver, BC).

Illumination Award for Outdoor Lighting Design

The Outdoor Lighting Design Award recognizes excellence in lighting design and application in all aspects of exterior lighting. The program celebrates achievements in aesthetics, applied technical acumen, creative solutions to demanding site conditions and advancements to the industry in outdoor lighting applications. The goal of the program is to further the understanding, knowledge and function of outdoor lighting as a critical aspect of the built environment. 

This year’s IESBC’s Vision Award and Award of Merit recipient was the šxʷƛ̓ənəq Xwtl’e7énk Square Pavilion (EOS Lightmedia), formerly The Vancouver Art Gallery North Plaza, in Vancouver, BC. For the pronunciation of the plaza's name and additional information, visit the City of Vancouver.

Another recipient of this award was the Whistler Gateway Loop (AES Engineering).

Energy and Environmental Lighting Design

The Energy and Environmental Design Award recognizes quality lighting installations in commercial and industrial buildings that incorporate advanced energy-saving strategies and environmentally responsible solutions into the overall design.

The award was presented to the Richmond Olympic Oval event hall lighting upgrade (Prism Engineering Limited). 

BC HYDRO Power Smart Lighting Redesign Award

BC HYDRO Power Smart Lighting Redesign Award (BC only) BC Hydro Power Smart presents the Lighting Redesign Award to recognize local talents that bring innovation and energy efficiency in lighting design. The Lighting Redesign Award recognizes quality lighting redesign or major retrofit installations in existing commercial and industrial buildings, that incorporate advanced energy-saving strategies and environmentally responsible solutions into the overall design, without sacrificing visual interest.

The recipient is the Vancouver Convention Centre exhibition areas lighting upgrade (Prism Engineering) located in Vancouver, BC. 

Submissions for the IES ‘Vision Awards’ open yearly in January and projects are judged based on how well the lighting design meets the program criteria. It is not a competition, and it is stage one leading up to IES’s national ‘Illumination Awards,’ which will be presented on August 8 at the IES Conference in Louisville, KY. For more information on IESBC, seminars and membership, visit

Source: Illuminating Engineering Society of British Columbia (IESBC)

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