Product • 11.04.2008

Hera BS 500 - superlative light show

The BS 500 halogen metal vapor reflector light combines decorative design with...
The BS 500 halogen metal vapor reflector light combines decorative design with brilliant light quality.

Shop lighting is one of the most important areas of investment in shop-fitting today. Good lighting doesn’t just highlight the goods for sale - it also has to show off the sales floor, create an ambience, lead the eye and at the same time be cost-effective. Lighting specialist, Hera, has always aimed its lighting solutions specifically at these requirements and at EuroShop will be showing its BS 500, an innovative halogen metal vapor reflector light, which can be used where quality lighting is a must.

The BS 500 with Britespot lighting from Hera is the exclusive lighting solution for top quality, efficient lighting of display goods for shop windows, displays, exhibitions and on the sales floor. Hera combines decorative design with extraordinary light quality in this contemporary-style spotlight mounted on a 50 cm long armature. Not only does the high light output of 80 lumens per watt bathe display goods with a brilliant white light, but its excellent color rendition index of 90 Ra also brings out product color in all its glory, relegating apparent differences in color to the past.

9,000 hour long service life
When it comes to lighting in shops and display areas for product presentation especially, cost-effectiveness plays a central role. Minimal energy consumption, long service intervals, long service life and high light output are essential if operating costs are to be minimized, and this is where the BS 500 also scores highly. With a service life of around 9,000 hours and energy consumption of 35 Watts, it’s an extremely environmentally-aware and cost-conscious development. The high light output also allows fewer lights to be used.

Easy “twist and lock” installation
The BS 500’s "twist and lock" base allows bulbs to be fitted and replaced with one twist of the wrist: with a simple twist and click movement, bulbs fitted to open lighting units can also be replaced quickly and safely. The BS 500 comes fitted with a plug-in system for a perfect connection, and the unit operates with a separate electronic ballast - also available from Hera - so that complete compatibility of the system is assured.

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