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Coolness of the senses

Areej, the leading cosmetics sales chain in the Arab Emirates, sets the scene...
Areej, the leading cosmetics sales chain in the Arab Emirates, sets the scene for a brilliant range of merchandise in Dubai Mall, supported with lighting design from Ansorg.

Areej, the leading cosmetics sales chain in the Arab Emirates, sets the scene for a brilliant range of merchandise in Dubai Mall, supported with lighting design from Ansorg.

Areej is the Arabic word for ‘sweet scent‘, synonymous with rose, amber, incense – or just Gucci, Lauder and Dior. The sales chain for perfumes, cosmetics and accessories offers everything in its range that has an established name and a good reputation. After international launches, Areej, it goes without saying, receives the new product with the first consignment. Trends und exclusivity count, above all, at the store in Dubai Mall, where the 16th branch in the Emirates was opened in January 2009, a place where shopping fans from all over the world are to be found. Here, moreover, make-up workshops, scent layering and other extravagances await the customers. There is also a beauty studio, where you can treat yourself to short courses of treatment.

Elegance, refinement and functionality

"The look of the store is modern and in line with the times, with a perfect mixture of elegance, refinement and functionality", says T. J. Van Rooyen, General Manager of Al Tayer Trends Beauty. Cool is the credo here: it is an intermediate station between city heat and desert air, a place of refreshment and purity. The white interior matches the noble essences and sensitive textures, more or less preserves their freshness. Nothing distracts the nose. And for the eyes there is a range to be discovered that is bathed in an attractive, radiant light.

The 300 square metre large Areej Store is crowned by a sparkling starry sky. The room height of 4.60 m invites you to a ceiling image where the luminaires Maxx and Pizza at varying distances apart play the main role. With the help of the frosted glass cover with a diameter of 550 mm, Pizza ensures that soft light is produced and places accents; the HIT lamp optimizes the colour rendition of the large number of beauty products.

The wide beam angle of the Maxx recessed downlights, in combination with a flood reflector and the 70-watt high-pressure metal-halide lamp, permits bright, uniform and glare-free ambient illumination of the sales room. The inviting atmosphere in the store is supported by a warm colour temperature of 3000 Kelvin.

Merchandise ranges in focus

A special aspect is the long shelves along the walls, those wall bays where the ranges of merchandise are presented which are to be found in a homogeneous, soft and yet precise light. Cardo recessed spotlights in close arrangement illuminate these important areas and, in addition, the gimbal-mounting allows flexible accentuation of the luxury goods the colour spectrum of which is brilliantly presented by means of the HIT lamp.

In summary it can be said that in this project in Dubai Mall a lot of demands were made on Ansorg’s lighting design: among them were the technical specifications of the Mall’s operators, the emphasizing of the different room areas, the excellent colour rendition, a high lighting efficiency, the simple handling and maintenance of the luminaires and lamps as well as their long product lives. And last but not least an inviting atmosphere which in the store with the fragrant name welcomes the customers. Ahlan wa sahlan! Or: Welcome.

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