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Buy Smart: The positive case for quality in Christmas lighting

This creates a positive case for investing in quality festive lighting products...
This creates a positive case for investing in quality festive lighting products that have been evaluated according to the four criteria in MK Illumination’s BUY SMART model.
Source: MK Illumination

Buy Smart is the first ever evaluation model for decorative lighting products. The model, as expressed by MK Illumination, the market leader in festive lighting, is designed to assist B2C customers in recognizing and evaluating the most important qualitative aspects of lighting tenders.

It is based on four levels of criteria: safety, legality, efficiency and sustainability. Shopping center festive lighting can play an important role in increased business. It attracts customers, increases footfall and creates an atmosphere that encourages customers to stay longer.

Safety is a mandatory consideration for every shopping center. Lighting chains that do not comply with the necessary safety standards and/or do not have the necessary CE certification and guarantees of quality expose the customer to the risk of damage litigation and liability issues.

Legality: The legal aspect of the products is the second basic mandatory requirement. This can only be guaranteed by ensuring that the LEDs used in the display are products that are both patented and licensed. LEDs that are not patented or manufactured according to high industry standards are repeatedly and frequently used and this can expose the customer to potentially complicated legal infringements and significant additional costs to resolve them.

Efficiency: Efficiency is not only evaluated through the use of less energy; quality lighting simply stays brighter longer. This ensures the product has a longer life and avoids the necessity for early replacement. Quality LEDs generate homogeneous light colors and this allows for their easy and harmonious replacement. The life of the lighting installation is not only extended but also guarantees that it is always presented in its original and intended state.

Sustainibility: It is the production of light chains that generates the most CO2 emissions. A longer life is a saving of our planet’s valuable resources. MK Illumination offers lighting products that are absolutely safe, legal and sustainable. The BUY SMART evaluation model allows for confirmation of the required in-house quality and provides assurance regarding necessary compliance, certification and legal aspects. MK Illumination also carries out ongoing in-house quality controls on all its components and continually tests finished products, a service that is unique in the industry.

Source: MK Illumination

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